About Us

Mobilegion is founded in 2016 and our team is gathered by people who have been working together for a long time. At first, we were focused on mobile/web applications and artworks. Afterwards we added mobile applications training, game, ASO/SEO, social media and advertisement subjects to our portfolio in a short period of time and continue to do business with our team of 10.

Mission & Vision

Our primary goals are; becoming one of the leading companies by providing solutions for software, graphical design, training and media, giving consultancy, making the ideas come to life by planning and considering all the requirements, delivering the services right on time, making our customers' dreams come true by using all our knowledge & experience.



Better Half
Better Half is an application which contains many exclusive messages and special day reminders for couples. Users can add dates such as anniversaries and birthdays of their partner and receive notifications on the specified time. They can also track how many days have passed for each special date. The application became featured in the Turkish App Store 2 times.
LCS & TFT Guide
LCS & TFT Guide is an e-Sports application which is designed for League of Legends. The application lists the latest match schedule, scores, standings and news for the LCS tournaments and calculates Fantasy game points for teams and players. Both for LoL & TFT; Guides for champions and their roles, builds, items, abilities, comparisons with statisctics are shown with details.
LoL Quiz & Trivia
LoL Quiz & Trivia game is developed by our company for the League of Legends fans. The players need to guess all of the champions by their skins, quotes, laughing and taunting sounds, spell descriptions and partial skin visuals to increase their champion mastery!
Prayer Times
Prayer Times has a very special and unique user interface design which stands out in the App Store and Google Play Store. The application has features such as Qibla compass, daily Hadiths, nearby mosques, live streaming from Kaaba, dhikr and gallery. The application became featured in the Turkish App Store by the editors.
Magic 8 Ball
8 Ball is a luck toy which gives answers to a question after shaking the ball. The popular toy of the 90s is returned to life as a mobile application. After the users ask a question, they can shake the phone and see the answer. 8 Ball is currently becoming very popular in many countries, especially in USA.
Love Guide
Love Guide is designed to achieve a flawless relationship between you and your partner. The application has many features like creating pictures with love-themed frames and stickers, learning your horoscope compatibility, ideas for gifts, romantic movie and song suggestions, aphrodisiac food recipes, meanings of roses, falling in love with 36 questions and adult content specially designed for couples.
Intersection is an impressive and fascinating puzzle game that pushes your sense of synchronisation and timing. In every tap, you just have to feel the frequency of the paths and loopers. Each time you pass a level, you will find increasingly complex paths that you have to send your looper on time for avoiding them to crash with each other.
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas app is developed by our own team. Users can see the countdown timer for the new year, see special Christmas recipes, listen and share Christmas messages quoted by famous people. Users can also create pictures from their photographs by selecting Christmas themed frames, stickers & texts, save images to gallery and share them!


First Step
In order to make analysis, we listen to your ideas and get your requirements. In this phase, according to our previous experiences, we give consultancy about your ideas and make them come true. Whole of this phase is performed with a collaboration between you and us, meanwhile you are constantly informed about the process.
Planning & Workflow
Planning is the most important phase of a software project. While your ideas are coming true, the whole structure is shown by the help of the workflow. The schemas will allow comprehending the project details, and also to foresee the applicability of the idea. Because of this, it is possible to see what kind of software product will be released once it’s complete. After the workflow is approved and the software process is started, requesting revisions will increase the cost and time. To avoid this problem, communication between you and us has a key role in the planning phase.
User Interface Design
User interface design is the visible result of every screen in the workflow. For each mobile application, game or any kind of software project, in order to guide the users correctly, UI design has got a very significant role. In this process, we offer services including determining colour scales, creating icon and font families. Our experienced design team gives all kind of required consultancy about these subjects. While the interfaces are being designed, user experience (UX) is also tested to achieve a user friendly application.
After the graphical design is approved, the software phase starts. Considering the performance, flawless code quality and a stable infrastructure, appropriate programming languages are used for each of the determined platforms while the project is being developed. During this process, when certain checkpoints are passed, you will receive test builds to see how your project is running step by step.
We have got 3 test phases during the development process. These are alpha, beta and soft launch tests. Alpha test is our internal test in which you can also participate. Beta test is the one which our test experts and people who you request are included. During soft launch test, software can be reached and used by the end users. For 2 weeks, bug fixes and developments are made according to the feedback from the users, and the product is prepared for the full release.
Marketing & ASO
In mobile projects, our company offers marketing images for application stores. These consist of application screenshots, icons and promotion video. ASO (App Store Optimisation) service is also offered. By doing ASO, your application is aimed to be listed on top ranks. By this work, your application will also have the chance to be chosen as Editor’s Choice on the App Store or shown in the Featured section of Google Play Store. This will increase the apparency, popularity and prestige of your application.
Promotion, SEO & Social Media
After the project is delivered, logo, promotion images, video editing, illustration, animation, brochure and flyer designing services are offered. By doing SEO work, your website is placed on higher ranks in search engines.. SEO is supported with Facebook and Google Adwords advertisements to achieve a precise result. Social media consultancy is also offered by our experts.


Until today, we have worked with many different companies and individuals in the fields of software, design and media. Together we have completed dozens of successful projects. Meanwhile, we have developed dozens of successful mobile/web applications and projects for our own company and we are proud that we reached millions of users.


Ankara / TURKEY

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